Put some thought into it…

Whether you pick up a card at the grocery store, buy a box of candy, find the perfect piece of jewelry or simply make a homemade valentine, do it with thoughtfulness and love.  

I’m not a morning person but my kids made me a happy Momma this morning.  My sweet daughter (age 14) woke me up the same way she does every morning but today she presented me with a homemade booklet that has a word for each letter of the alphabet describing me (yes, they were all good).  I’m not sure when she found the time to create this masterpiece but it will be treasured forever.  My son (age 19) is the jokester of our family but he kept it real this morning when he gave me a bag of my favorite chocolate candy (unopened).  I’m not sure how he knew it was my favorite since I usually keep the treasured red bag stashed in my nightstand.  The chocolate will truly be enjoyed and I guess this means the roses in my refrigerator are for another special redhead. These thoughtful acts of love have made my day!

Enjoy the little things in life…. for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things


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