Beware: 10 Time Management Rules That You Are Breaking


Breaking the rules isn’t always a good thing.

Sometimes it may seem necessary to do your own thing.

However, if you break these 10 time management rules, you are only going to waste time in the long run.

Don’t Break These Rules

Time management can sometimes be an art.

However, there are also some basic rules that can help you be more productive in your life.

Break these 10 Time Management Rules at your own risk:

  1. Multi-tasking – Multi-tasking does not lead to more things done. It leads to more thingsstarted. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with 57 things started and nothing done.
  2. Scheduling Back-to-back Meetings – When you schedule back-to-back meetings you are practically guaranteeing that the next meeting will start late. Some companies compound this lateness throughout the day, and by mid-afternoon meetings are starting 30+ minutes late.
  3. Answering Your Phone Anytime – Do you answer your phone when you are with other people? Your phone is only an interruption if you let it be. So, stop answering the phonewhen you are in the middle of something.
  4. Checking Email Incessantly – You don’t need to check email 100 times a day. Email is not intended to be instant communication. Rather, check it morning, noon, and close of day.
  5. Not Unplugging – No one can be “on” all the time. If you don’t unplug from your work and devices, you will burn out. Make sure you have clear boundaries between your work and personal life.
  6. Not Allocating Enough Time for Tasks – As a general rule of thumb, tasks will take about 2X as much time as you estimate. For tasks that you are performing for the first time,make that 4X’s as long.
  7. Too Many Tools in Your Toolkit – If you have too many tools in your time management toolkit, then you are creating unneeded complexity. This leads to confusion, searching for information (which app did I put that in?) and redundancy. Keep things simple and follow the The Power of One when it comes to your tools.
  8. Not Looking at Your List – Many people make lists only to find them later in a drawer or buried on their desk. Make sure to keep your list front-and-center. Visibility leads to action.
  9. Not Putting Things Away – Disorganization leads to wasted time. If you don’t put it away now, you’ll spend time searching for it later.
  10. Not Taking Deadlines Seriously – There is a reason why they were once called deadlines. Yet, in most organizations they are more like suggestions. By not taking deadlines seriously, you will cost yourself time, money, and opportunities. One more thing, you’re not helping yourself by extending those deadlines.

Learning the Hard Way

Breaking the rules isn’t always a good thing.

Abide by these 10 time management rules to be more productive.

Or you can do things the hard way. (Which is the method many people choose…)

Sometimes rules seem more like guidelines.

Other times, they are the proven way to get things done.

Question: Which of these rules are you breaking? What other time management rules do you follow?


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